Feels Good To Give Back

logo-calypso,logo-mariaandlogo-funsepahave united to raise funds for education in Guatemala.

When you donate $1.00 for every Calypso you buy, Calypso and Maria’s will also donate $1.00 each, totalling a $3.00 donation to Funsepa.

For your donation, you will receive a complimentary Maria’s special edition pouch for your new shades.

Join the cause and help improve education in Guatemala.

 “There are 3.2 million children in Guatemala between 6 and 15 years old, and 18000 public elementary schools, of which 93% have not access to technology. At Funsepa we work tirelessly in order to give this right to all the schools in the country, in order to make an impact in our education, improving our children’s competitiveness at a global market level.”  –   logo-funsepa

“With every stitch and detail we convey our Mayan heritage through our unique works of art.”- logo-maria